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1967-1969 Camaro Registry

1967 Camaro Interior - Click Link for Picture

Disclaimer: Interior configurations may not be correct. Example photos are for seat type/color/material only.

Paint Code
Bench *
Bench *
B Blue 717-Y
D Red 741-Y
E Black 760-Y
G Gold 709-Y
K Parchment/Black #     797-Y
R Bright Blue     732-Y
T Turquoise     779-Y
Y Yellow     707-Y

* Bench seat not available in convertibles
# Parchment/Black combination is Parchment except Black dash, carpet and steering wheel

Suffix codes:
Z ~ bucket seats w/o headrest ~ A50
Y ~ bucket seats w/headrest ~ A50+AS2
H ~ bench seat w/o headrests ~ AL4
T ~ bench seat w/headrests ~ AL4+AS2

RPO Z87 - Deluxe Interior

RPO Z87, deluxe interior, was available on both the coupe & convertible and was ordered 69,103 times accounting for about 31% of all Camaros at a cost of $94.80. The deluxe interior can be identified on the trim tag by the 3rd digit in the style number. The number "4" in the third position indicates a standard interior where the number "6" indicates the deluxe interior. For 1967 the deluxe interior option included deluxe seat trim, molded door panels, special steering wheel, glove compartment lamp, hood insulation, trunk mat, rear sail panel lamps and rear armrests with ashtray on coupes.

Standard interior door panel - 09/07/2009
Standard interior door panel

Custom interior door panel - 09/07/2009
Deluxe interior door panel

RPO Z23 Interior Decor Package

This option included bright pedal trim, bright pillar moldings and bright drip rail moldings on the coupe. RPO Z23 could be ordered individually or in conjunction with the deluxe interior option, RPO Z87.

Steering Wheel

For 1967, four steering wheels were available in a variety of colors. The first was the standard steering wheel. This was a three-spoke, molded plastic wheel with a bright, round center horn button with CAMARO script, RS, or SS depending on options ordered.

Standard Interior Steering Wheel

1967 Standard
Standard steering wheel

1967 Standard RS
Standard steering wheel with RS option

Standard steering wheel with SS option

RPO Z87 Deluxe Interior Steering Wheel

The steering wheel included in the RPO Z87 deluxe interior was basically the same as the standard steering wheel but with additional bright metal trim piece that covered the spokes of the wheel. The same three horn caps, CAMARO, RS, or SS were used with the deluxe interior steering wheel as the standard interior steering wheel.

1967 Deluxe RS
Deluxe steering wheel with RS option

1967 Deluxe SS350
Deluxe steering wheel with SS350 option

Optional Steering Wheels

A much nicer “deluxe” steering wheel was available as RPO N30 but should not be confused with the deluxe interior option. The "deluxe" steering wheel was optional with either the standard interior or the RPO Z87 deluxe interior. This steering wheel included ribbing on the lower 2/3rds of the outer rim and two rectangular horn buttons incorporated into the T-shaped bright metal trim. The horn button has a Chevrolet “Bow Tie” emblem in the center. This steering wheel option took precedence over the SS-350 and RS options when ordered.

1967 N30
RPO N30 Deluxe Steering Wheel

RPO N34 Simulated Walnut Wood-Grain

Finally, the RPO N34 Sport Styled, simulated walnut, wood-grained plastic steering wheel was an option. For 1967, this wheel was available on any Chevrolet car regardless of interior styling and gave a look of sportiness and elegance to the interior. This steering wheel was 16 inches in diameter and had a 4 inch “dish” (the perpendicular distance from the mounting surface to the wheel). It included three brushed metal spokes and a brushed horn cap with the Chevrolet “Bow Tie” emblem in the center. The spokes were a two-piece design and overlapped at the center, requiring the correct hub with a cut-out for the wheel to fit correctly. This differed from the 1963 through 1966 Corvette wheel, which had the same dish as the Camaro but used a one piece flat spoke design with no overlap and attached to a hub without the cut-out. The horn cap has red, white, and blue coloring. Correctly positioned, the white colored section is at the top.

 1967 Simulated Walnut Woodgrain
RPO N34 Sport Style simulated walnut wood grain

Horn Buttons

Base Camaros, Z28-optioned and SS396-optioned model received the standard Camaro horn button, SS350-optioned Camaros received the "SS-350" horn button, Rally Sport-optioned Camaros received an "RS" horn button. Pretty simple so far.

Here's where it gets a bit tricky. The Rally Sport option could be ordered with or without either the SS350 or the 396 engine. Likewise, both the SS350 and 396 engine could be ordered with or without without the Rally Sport option. The combination of options ordered dictated which horn cap was used.

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Z28 option plus RS option received the "RS" cap.  RS option plus SS350 option received the "SS-350" cap.   RS option plus 396 engine option received the standard "Camaro" cap.

Speedometer Cluster

Standard cluster with speedometer and fuel gauge.

5,500 RPM redline tachometer

6,000 RPM redline tachometer.

Front Compartment Console Instrument Cluster





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