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1967-1969 Camaro Registry

1968 Camaro Interior - Click Link for Picture

Disclaimer: Interior configurations may not be correct. Example photos are for seat type/color/material only.

Paint Code
Bench *
Bench *
B Blue 717 718 719 720
D Red 724   725  
E Black 712 713 714 715
G Gold 722 742 721  
K Parchment/Black     730  
K Ivory/Black     711  
Q * Black Houndstooth     749  
V * Ivory Houndstooth     716  
T Turquoise     726 727

* Bench seat and Houndstooth not available in convertibles
Parchment and Ivory are two separate colors.

Standard interior door panel

Deluxe interior door panel

Steering Wheel

In 1968, ordering was made easier with only three steering wheels available; the standard, RPO N30 deluxe and RPO N34 simulated walnut wood-grain. Horn caps sill played a role with the standard steering wheel and, to a much lesser extent, the RPO N30 deluxe wheel as well.


Leading the list was the standard steering wheel, which was similar to the 1967 RPO Z87 custom interior steering wheel. It used the same wheel, trim design, and horn caps.  The bright chrome finish was changed to a brushed finish due to federal laws concerning reflective surfaces.

Three horn caps were available. The base and RPO Z28-optioned units received the standard “Camaro” cap.  The Super Sport-optioned units received the cap with "SS" and Rally Sport-optioned units received the "RS" cap.

If both the SS and RS options were ordered, the "SS" cap took precedence. If both the RS and Z28 options were ordered, the "RS" cap took precedence.

Standard Steering Wheel
Standard wheel, standard Camaro.

Standard RS
Standard wheel with RS option.

Standard SS
Standard wheel with SS option.

 RPO N30 Deluxe

Next on the list was the RPO N30 deluxe steering wheel. This steering wheel is similar to other 1968 Chevrolet models such as the Chevelle. This wheel included ribbing on the lower 2/3rds of the wheel for grip and a T-shaped painted metal shroud with two rectangular horn buttons. The N30 wheel was available as a stand-alone option for standard interior cars and was included with RPO Z23 special interior or RPO Z87 custom interior options. Two versions were used, early and late. The early version had black accents on the upper and center flat areas and the late version discontinued the black and the wheel was one color. No exact date is known but the change occurred around February of 1968.

Only SS-optioned Camaros received an "SS" emblem, all others had a bowtie emblem. Two versions of this wheel were used with the first having black accents on the upper and center portions of the shroud, and the later versions without the black accents. Although the exact date of this change isn't known but there is one example below from Los Angeles with a 12C body date.

N30 Deluxe early - note the black accent center section and top trim of the tri-spoke

N30 Deluxe late wheel

N30 Deluxe wheel with SS option - also note the ribbed 2/3rds of the wheel itself

RPO N34 Simulated Walnut Wood-Grain

Finally, the RPO N34 simulated walnut, wood-grained plastic wheel was carried over from the previous year and was available on any Chevrolet car. As in 1967, the spokes were a two piece design and overlapped at the center, requiring the correct hub with a cut-out for the wheel to fit correctly. The only horn cap available with the N34 wood-grained wheel was the brushed cap with the Chevrolet “Bowtie” emblem.

N34 Simulated Walnut Wood-Grain. Note correct orientation of red/white/blue on horn cap as opposed to the example below.

RPO N34 - wrong cap orientation
Note the horn button on this example is upside down, the white section should be oriented to the top and not the bottom.

Speedometer Cluster

Standard cluster with speedometer and fuel gauge and note correct orientation of horn button.

5,000 RPM redline tachometer with clock.

5,500 RPM redline tachometer without clock.

5,500 RPM redline tachometer with clock.

RPO U15 - 12/20/2009
A not often seen option is RPO U15, Speed Warning Indicator. Only 2,344 were ordered in 1968.

Gauge Cluster

RPO U17 Front Compartment Console Instrument Cluster


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