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1968 Camaro Fisher Body Unit Number Plate

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Los Angeles, California assembly plant

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Norwood, Ohio assembly plant 

Typical 1968 Fisher Body plate breakdown

Do not confuse the Fisher Body unit number plate information with that found on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate. The series depiction on the Fisher Body unit number plate does NOT have the same meaning as the VIN plate.

Some assembly plants have more information on their plates than others and some have information on different lines. Please check the individual assembly plants for specifics.

Line 1: Production date of vehicle. A typical production date is 06D

This production date of 06D decodes to June (06) in the fourth week (D).
Unfortunately, nobody can define what dates are associated with a week letter.

01 - January 07 - July
02 - February 08 - August
03 - March 09 - September
04 - April 10 - October
05 - May 11 - November
06 - June 12 - December

A - First Week
B - Second Week
C - Third Week
D - Fourth Week
E - Fifth Week

Line 2: The first two-digit number on line two is the year of production followed by body style, assembly plant, and the Fisher Body unit number used for production purposes.

SERIES/MODEL IDENTIFICATION (only body style is distinguished)


Line 3: Interior trim and lower/upper paint codes.


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