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1967-1969 Camaro Registry

1969 Camaro V8 Engine ID Codes

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The engine identification code consists of the engine assembly plant, the engine assembly date, and a 2 or 3 letter suffix indicating the cubic inch displacement, the horsepower rating, and generally, what type of transmission was to be installed with the engine. Manual transmissions required a bushing in the rear of the bellhousing where an automatic transmission did not. Many engine "accessories" such as the carburetor, distributor, and exhaust manifolds were not installed at the engine assembly plant but rather at the final assembly plant.

During the 1969 model year, the 396-cubic inch engine was increased in size to 402 cubic inches by means of a .030 increase in cylinder bore size. It is believed this was done due to less restrictive emission standards on engines 400 cubic inches and larger. These new 402cid engines can be identified in 1969 by the three letter suffix code.

The 327-2bbl engine was initially the base V8 for Camaro in 1969. Around January of 1969 the 327-2 was replaced with the 307-2 as the base V8.







DZ 302-4 290 Manual-4 Spec. High Perf., A.I.R.
DA 307-2 200 Manual-3/4  
DC 307-2 200 Powerglide  
DD 307-2 200 TH-350  
DE 307-2 200 Manual-4  
FJ 327-2 210 Manual-3/4  
FK 327-2 210 Powerglide  
FL 327-2 210 TH-350  
FS 327-2 210 Manual-3/4 Low Compression Engine
FT 327-2 210 Powerglide Low Compression Engine
HA 350-4 300-L48 TH-350  
HB 350-4 300-L48 TH-350  
HC 350-2 250-L65 Manual-3/4  
HD 350-2 250-L65 TH-350  
HE 350-4 300-L48 Powerglide  
HF 350-2 250-L65 Powerglide  
HP 350-4 300-L48 Manual-3/4 Heavy Duty Clutch
HQ 350-2 255-LM1 Manual-3/4  
HR 350-2 255-LM1 Powerglide  
HS 350-2 255-LM1 TH-350  
JB 396-4 325-L35 Manual-3/4  
JF 396-4 350-L34 Manual-3/4  
JG 396-4 325-L35 TH-400  
JH 396-4 375-L78 Manual-3/4  
JI 396-4 350-L34 TH-400  
JJ 396-4 375-L78 Manual 4 Aluminum Heads (RPO L89)
JL 396-4 375-L78 TH-400  
JM 396-4 375-L78 TH-400 Aluminum Heads (RPO L89)
JU 396-4 325-L35 Manual-3/4 Heavy Duty Clutch
KA 396-4 350-L34 Manual-3/4 Heavy Duty Clutch
KC 396-4 375-L78 Manual-3/4 Heavy Duty Clutch
KE 396-4 375-L78 Manual-3/4 Aluminum Heads (RPO L89)
Heavy Duty Clutch
KL 396-4 375-L78 Manual 4 unverified
MN 427-4 425-L72 4-speed COPO 9561
MO 427-4 425-L72 TH-400 COPO 9561
ML 427-4 430-ZL1 4-speed COPO 9560
MM 427-4 430-ZL1 TH400 COPO 9560
MV 427-XX No HP Rating   COPO 9567
MX 427-XX No HP Rating   COPO 9567


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