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1969 Camaro Fisher Body Unit Number Plate

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Los Angeles, California assembly plant

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Norwood, Ohio assembly plant 

Typical 1969 Fisher Body plate breakdown

Do not confuse the Fisher Body unit number plate information with that found on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate. The series depiction on the Fisher Body unit number plate does NOT have the same meaning as the VIN plate.

Some assembly plants have more information on their plates than others and some have information on different lines. Please check the individual assembly plants for specifics.

Line 1: The first two-digit number on line two is the model year of production followed by Fisher Body style number, assembly plant, and the Fisher Body unit number used for production purposes.

SERIES/MODEL IDENTIFICATION (only body style is distinguished)


Line 2: Interior trim and lower/upper paint codes.

Line 3: Production date of vehicle. A typical production date is 06D. Other plant specific codes appear on line 3 as well.

This production date of 06D decodes to June (06) in the fourth week (D).
Unfortunately, nobody can define what dates are associated with a week letter.

01 - January 07 - July
02 - February 08 - August
03 - March 09 - September
04 - April 10 - October
05 - May 11 - November
06 - June 12 - December

A - First Week
B - Second Week
C - Third Week
D - Fourth Week
E - Fifth Week

Bottom Line Codes

The bottom, or last, line information differed for each plant.

Los Angeles/Van Nuys

Los Angeles/Van Nuys used a date schedule code in the format of a single letter and a 1- to 3-digit number*. The letter is the scheduled approximate production day of a given month and the 3-digit number is the scheduled production number for the car on that day. The letter "A" would be the first day of the month for the Fisher Body production calendar and incremented one letter for each day to the end of the Fisher Body production calendar for that month. The 1- to 3-digit number was reset to 1 at the start of each production day and increased by 1 for each Chevrolet to be built. It should be noted that the Los Angeles assembly plant built both Camaros and full size Chevrolets in 1969 so this number would increment by 1 regardless of which Chevrolet was being built. A date code such as "V416" would mean the 22nd day of the production calendar and the 416th Chevrolet scheduled to be built that day.

A - 1 B - 2 C - 3 D - 4 E - 5 F - 6
G - 7 H - 8 I - 9 J - 10 K - 11 L - 12
M - 13 N - 14 O - 15 P - 16 Q - 17 R - 18
S - 19 T - 20 U - 21 V - 22 W - 23 x - 24
Y - 25 Z - 26        

* Very early production Camaros used a 4-digit number with leading zeros when necessary.
Sometime in December Los Angeles changed the plant designation on the trim tag from "LOS" or "VN" for Van Nuys.


Norwood primarily used "X" codes and sometimes, not always, an additional RPO code. Exceptions to the "X" code are Z10 for Indy Pace Car coupes and Z11 for Indy Pace Car convertibles.
With Z21 or Z22 Without Z21 or Z22
X11 ~ non-SS396, non-Z28, SS350 X44 ~ non-SS, non-Z28
X22 ~ SS396 X55 ~ SS350
X33 ~ Z28 X66 ~ SS396
  X77 ~ Z28

Most COPO Camaros were built with bodies coded with X11 or X44 with some early Yenko Camaros built with X66 coded bodies. Norwood sometimes, but not always, used the RPO code D80 to indicate the car was equipped with spoilers or the letter "A" for those equipped with power windows but neither of these were consistent.

X11, X44 and X55 Trim and Paint Features

Norwood introduced "X" coded trim tags in mid-December 1968. the Style Trim group, RPO Z21, was part of RPO Z22 Rally Sport option. All RS cars are part of the group with RP Z21 style trim. RS optioned Camaros can only be X11, X22, or X33. Hence X44, X45, X66 and X77 Camaros cannot have the Rally Sport style trim option.

    Non-SS     SS  

Code X44 X11 X11 X11 X11 X55
Option no Z21
no Z22
Z21 Z22 Z21 Z22 no Z21
no Z22

Black Body Sill no yes yes yes yes yes
Rear Quarter Moldings no yes yes yes yes yes
Drip rail Moldings no yes yes yes yes no
Wheel Opening Moldings no yes yes yes yes `no
Wheel Opening Pinstripes no yes yes no no no
Bright Taillamp Trim no yes no yes no yes
Bright Headlamp Bezel no yes no yes no yes

As you can see the X11 code always includes the use of black body sill paint and trim moldings, X55 does not use the drip rail and wheel opening moldings.

  With Z21 or Z22 Without Z21 or Z22

  non-SS396/Z28 SS396 Z28     non-SS/Z28 SS350 SS396 Z28
Features X11 X22 X33 Z10 Z11 X44 X55 X66 X77

Black Body Sill yes yes yes no no no yes yes no
Rear Quarter Moldings yes yes yes yes yes no yes yes no
Drip rail Molding yes yes yes yes no no no no no
Blacked-out Tail pan no yes no no no no no yes no
Z28 Stripe no no yes yes yes no no no yes



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